Build Your Team Operating Agreement - a simple, yet very powerful tool for enabling great Leadership and Teamwork on your project
Learn how to build your leadership skills and unlock the potential of your team.

 icon November 2013 - Build Your Team Operating Agreement

The objectives of this Workshop are to help you and your project teams:

  1. Understand the special attributes of strong leaders and effective teams.
  2. Set transformative (yet achievable) goals
  3. Identify the leadership and teamwork characteristics that will enable your team to greatly increase its performance and effectiveness.
  4. Identify the enabling (and limiting) factors in achieving team goals and expected outcomes, and determine how to leverage (or mitigate) these factors.
  5. Develop a Team Operating Agreement that will infuse and empower your team with the characteristics, values and guiding principles that foster strong leadership and collaborative and supportive teamwork.

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