January 2015 - Intrapreneurship - How to Nurture Innovation at Any Company

Part I: The Innovation Imperative

The WHY all companies must change in these shifting, disruptive age, a time when the consumer is in charge, the economic landscape is volatile, and fast-paced technology is at the heart of everything. All companies must evolve or pay the ultimate price – the first half of this presentation details real-world examples of companies that did and did not change with the times.

PART II: Intrapreneurship

The HOW every company can evolve to ensure success through a culture of innovation.
This second half details a concrete path to change mindset and grow revenue while preserving your present business.  

Our Next Meeting is a PDU PMI 50th Anniversary Celebration on November 21st

Our next meeting will be a PDU and PMI 50th Anniversary Celebration. It will be held at South Universary on Thursday November 21st. Please watch for details.

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