PMI Tampa Bay Chapter

Board of Director Positions

General responsibilities for all appointed Board of Director positions and for appointed committee members:

  • Be a member in good standing of PMI and the Tampa Bay (PMITB) chapter
  • Complete and submit Conflict of Interest form
  • Recluse themselves of decisions and votes that are a conflict of interest as defined by PMI and PMITB policy.
  • Be familiar with the chapter By-Laws, Operations Handbook and the PMITB strategic goals and objectives documents.
  • Understand the duties and responsibilities of the position.
  • Attendance at board meetings: for appointed officers (directors/chairs), attendance is encouraged at board meetings but not mandatory.
  • Attend the annual leadership transition meeting following the chapter elections and also strategic planning sessions..
  • Be responsible for all budget items under their control and follow all income and expense procedures.
  • Share in the success of the meetings and programs of the chapter by welcoming members and guests and ensuring their needs are met.
  • Provide input into the chapter budget and ensure that all income and expenditures are handled consistent with the chapter’s financial guidelines.
  • Participate and support chapter events to the best extent possible.


The appointed Board of Director positions are summarized below within teams teams that are under the direction of a VP on the Executive Board.


Operations and Administration

  • Director of Administration - member of the Operations and Administration team and manages the overall operations of the chapter Board of Directors.   The Director of Administration is responsible for maintaining the Chapter Operations Manual and publishes it for access by all Chapter Members. This director works to improve processes and policies and plays a role in long-term organizational planning.
  • Director of Meeting Coordination - member of the Operations and Administration team and works with the hotel on all arrangements necessary for the meetings including room layout, menu selection, headcount and other meeting logistic requirements. This is a key, member interfacing position and often the first chapter officer a member or guest meets. The director handles all reservations and checks in members and guests at the reservation table at the beginning of all meetings. This director, along with the treasurer, collects the fees for the meeting and provides nametags for all members and guests. Other responsibilities include coordinating with the hotel for board meetings and sending the attendee list to PMI GOC to report PDUs for the event attendees.
  • Director of Chapter Records & History - member of the Operations and Administration team and is responsible for ensuring that all chapter records are maintained and that the chapter history is updated and published on the website. This position also works closely with the secretary in ensuring records are updated to the chapter share-point site.
  • Director of Contracts & Legal - member of the Operations and Administration team and reviews contracts and legal matters for the board members and chapter. This position secures outside expertise as required.
  • Director of PMO - member of the Operations and Administration team and and is responsible for tracking the status of and reporting progress on the implementation of Strategic Initiatives.  This position assists the VP in the planning and execution of the Strategic Planning meetings and has primary responsibility for managing the process of creating, updating, and extending the Strategic Initiatives.  The Director of the PMO, working with the Board members will define Operational Metrics for each functional (VP) area and coordinate the regular reporting of those metrics.
  • Director of Quality Audit - member of the Operations and Administration responsible for eveluating the quality of all chapter services and programs.  This position will establish a cebtral collection point for spoeaker, instructor, and program evaluations.  The Director of Quality Audit will also develop member surveys to solicit member feedback on the quality of chapter services and opportunities for improvement.
  • Director of Sarasota - member of the Operations and Administration team and provides liaison support for Chapter Membership in the Sarasota area to ensure quality delivery of Chapter services.


  • Director Treasury – member of the Finance team and manages all accounting and reconciliation of chapter revenue and payments transactions; supports budget development and tracking, procedure development & adherence, account reconciliation, audit support, reporting to the board, global organization, and local membership, calculation, reporting and payment of taxes, financial analysis and subsequent recommendations to the leadership, and meeting record retention responsibilities.
  • Director of Tax & Audit - member of the Finance team and works with the VP of Finance on all tax and audit related matters.
  • Director of Finance, Symposium - member of the Finance team that provides overall financial planning and oversight for the Symposium Committee; has a partner retationship with the Director Symposium.

Professional Development

  • Director of PMP Prep Class – member of the Professional Development team responsible for the chapter’s PMP Prep class and coordinating with the PMI Suncoast chapter who partners with PMITB in the delivery of the class. Responsibilities includes publicizing classes, preparing publicity, obtaining instructors, registration, classroom logistics, preparing materials, budget, instructor audits, and financial closeout. The director works with PMI to ensure that materials reflect the latest PMBOK and are of high quality. The PMP prep class is a long standing program and provides a very effective course for project manage professionals to further their careers.
  • Director of ACP Prep Class – member of the Professional Development team responsible for coordinating the delivery of ACP Certification materials during an ACP exam preparation course.  This Director intersects with other program curriculum instructors to ensure best practices in instructional methods and technical training to prepare students for the ACP Certification exam.
  • Director of PDD Workshops - member of the Professional Development team responsible for researching highly qualified speakers for professional development workshops to provide top quality, relevant education events to the chapter.. Normally this speaker works at least 9 to 12 months in advance to research, plan and organize all contracts and logistics necessary to bring in stand-along chapter workshops. Each PDD is like a small project, so this position effectively exercises project management skills.
  • Director of Instructor Scheduling, Credentialing & Quality - member of the Professional Development team and works closely with the Director of the PMP Prep Course to ensure that instructors are scheduled and maintain a high degree of quality in order to represent the chapter in teaching the course.
  • Director of Mentoring & Roundtables - member of the Professional Development team responsible for developing mentoring and roundtable opportunities for the chapter members’ professional development.
  • Director of Certification & Recertification - member of the Professional Development team responsible for answering questions and providing guidance to the chapter members on certification and recertification, providing informational sessions as required, and for maintaining the chapter PDU history in both the Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.) database and the PDU history chapter document on the chapter website. In addition, this director works with PMI GOC to understand changes in the certification and re-certification process and communicates such changes to the chapter membership.
  • Director of Toastmasters Program - member of the Professional Development team responsible for mantaining the relationship with Toastmasters chapters that are participating in the Tampa Bay chapter Toastmasters program. 

Member Services

  • Director of Volunteers – member of Member Services team.  As volunteers are the life blood of the chapter, the Director of Volunteers maintains a list of chapter members who wish to volunteer and matches them with the volunteer needs of the board. This officer also welcomes new members and guests to the chapter and actively works to ensure volunteers are recruited and placed. This officer works closely with all board officers, but especially with membership and the symposium.
  • Director Membership Retention & Growth - member of Member Services team and actively works to retain and gain new membership for the chapter. This director chairs the membership committee which is responsible for sending new member welcome letters, contacting members whose memberships have not renewed, and contacting prospective members. In addition, the Director of Membership Retention and Growth works with the other directors to help with new member orientations. Ensuring that new members are welcomed is the key to member satisfaction and retention which is a key objective of the membership director and committee – as well as the responsibility of all board members.
  • Director of New Member Services - member of Member Services team responsible for organizing quarterly new and prospective member orientations. 
  • Director of Membership Trends & Research - member of Member Services team responsible for tracking membership trends and reporting to the board such statistics as retention and attrition. In addition, this director will provide proactive ideas to retain new members and work with the appropriate staff at PMI and reach out to other chapters for innovative ideas.


  • Director of Symposium – member of Programs team responsible for all aspects of the highly successful annual chapter symposium. This position requires strong event planning skills, in addition to project management experience. The Director of Symposium establishes and chairs the symposium executive committee and sub-committees. This director works closely with all board members.
  • Project Manager, Symposium - member of Programs team reporting to the Director of Symposium and acts as project manager for all aspects of the highly successful annual chapter symposium. This position requires strong event planning skills, in addition to project management experience. The Project Manager works closely with the symposium committee and maintains the project plan and guides the tasks of the weekly symposium calls.
  • Director of Awards & Recognition - member of Programs team responsible for the programs associated with chapter awards and recognition, including the year end Gala. The key responsibility of this director is to define and identify the key awards and their recipients, working closely with the board and our membership.
  • Director of Speakers  - member of Programs team responsible for procuring speakers for the chapter monthly meeting programs. The responsibilities of this vital position include researching quality speakers for chapter dinner and lunch meetings in accordance with the interests of the members and scheduling the speakers for chapter meetings. This director coordinates all speaker travel arranges and coordinates all logistical site requirements with the Director of Meeting Coordination. Additionally, this director ensures that the speaker biography and abstract are sent to the communications team as soon as available, introduces the monthly speaker at the meeting and presents the speaker gift.
  • Director of Professional Networking – member of Programs team and provides programs and opportunities for professional networking.

Strategic Projects

  • Director of Corporate Outreach (Ambassadors) – member of the Strategic Projects team and executes the chapter’s corporate outreach goals and recruits and actively involves a cadre of corporate ambassadors. This position chairs the committee of ambassadors and ensures that the programs and messages of PMI and PMI GOC are communicated to the ambassadors, and in turn, that the concerns of the ambassadors are relayed to the board.
  • Director of Community Outreach – member of the Strategic Projects team and provides outreach to the community such as providing mentoring or project management skills to benefit the community.
  • Director of Academic Outreach – member of the Strategic Projects team and works with colleges and universities to foster project management knowledge and outreach.
  • Director of Employment Opportunities - member of the Strategic Projects team  responsible for providing coordination with and acting as a liaison for chapter members seeking job opportunities with job recruiting organizations, contracting organizations, and employers seeking qualified project managers.


  • Director of Newsletter – member of the Communications team and prepares and distributes electronically a monthly newsletter to the membership which is also posted on the website. They actively solicit information from the membership, the board, and PMI GOC, as well as other sources. This officer actively coordinates with all board members to ensure that the programs and goals of the chapter are included in the newsletter. The newsletter lets the chapter and members contribute longer, more in-depth information than other communication tools.
  • Director of Website Content - member of the Communications team and ensures that the chapter website is timely, professional and accurate. This officer maintains the standards of the chapter website and coordinates with the website vendor. The Director of Website Content is responsible to maintaining all website content. The chapter website is an extremely important means of communicating to members, guests, vendors, and the public about project management and PMI Tampa Bay.
  • Director of Email - member of the Communications team and distributes electronic information to the chapter members and interested non-members. This director maintains a calendar of communication to ensure that members and guest subscribers are informed about chapter events in a timely manner. Often times this director is the first person that comes in contact with our members and guest subscribers, so accuracy and good attention to detail is required for this position. In addition, this officer will receive questions from members, so responding to their questions in a timely manner and getting answers from other board members is required for this key communication position.
  • Director of Social Media - member of the Communications team responsible for managing the chapter's effiective utilization of Social Media opportunities.


  • Director of Marketing Coordination – member of the Marketing team and works closely with the VP of Marketing to execute the marketing plan for the chapter.
  • Director of Public Relations – member of the Marketing team to execute the chapter’s marketing strategy. In support of this, this director investigates and obtains all free publication and promotion services available in the local news media to further promote the goals and objectives of PMI. This director is responsible for preparing and obtaining any paid publication or promotion services in the local media and for preparing fliers and other materials to promote chapter events. Getting the word out about PMITB to the community is the goal for this director.
  • Director of Sponsorships – member of the Marketing team and is responsible for obtaining sponsors for the monthly meeting, maintaining and executing the marketing agreement and coordinating with the board members to ensure the sponsor receives the benefits in the agreement. Gaining meeting sponsors helps the chapter’s bottom line and enables the chapter to provide low cost programs and events.
  • Director of Symposium Marketing - member of the Marketing team responsible for all marketing activities in support of the annual Symposium event.  This Director works with the Symposium Committee and the Marketing team with a focus on sponsorships, publicity, and general communications for the Symposium.


  • Director of Portal - member of the Technology team responsible for the administration of the chapter’s share-point site, as well as any portals the chapter may wish to develop.
  • Director of Website Services - member of the Technology team responsible for the administration of the chapter’s web services, including current and future technologies.
  • Director of Online Registration - member of the Technology team and is responsible for developing and maintaining the registration of chapter events through the selected registration tool. This director works closely with all chapter officers who put on chapter programs to provide metrics and reports on event registrations.