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spotlightFrom a small, dedicated group of 29 members in 1992, the Project Management Institute of Tampa Bay (PMITB) has grown to over 2000 chapter members and delivers more than 30 programs per year. In keeping with its vision of being the leading authority for the influence and advancement of the Project Management profession in the greater Tampa Bay area, PMITB continues its distinguished history in serving the needs of the project management professionals and the organizations they represent.



In 1992, the Project Management Institute of Tampa Bay (PMTB) was chartered after four months of planning by founding members Chuck Diehl and Dave Detwiler who recruited 29 members to support a local chapter.

In 1993, we offered our first PMP training class and sponsored the PMP exam in both the spring and the fall. Membership by year's end was 48 (an increase of 66%).

1994 continued the explosive chapter growth with an 81% membership increased rate. PMTB received the distinguished honor of being the fastest growing chapter in PMI during 1994. 1995 and 1996 saw double membership growth and 1996 marked the year of the chapter’s first website.

In 1999, we split our chapter to support the new Suncoast chapter. Although about 50 members moved across the bay to form the Suncoast chapter, the chapter still grew to a total of 372 members and doubled the number of PMPs to 104.

2000 once again say amazing membership growth with 504 members with 170 PMPs. Companies represented in chapter numbered 165. A major chapter milestone was the incorporation of the chapter and the development of the chapter logo.

2001 to 2005 saw increased volunteers and board members to support the needs of the growing membership. Programs increased and in 2005, the first chapter Symposium was held with an attendance of 90 participants.

A membership milestone was reached in 2006 when the chapter celebrated its 1,000 member mark! The second annual Symposium drew 120 participants.

2007 marked the 15 year anniversary of the chapter and a celebration was held as part of the third chapter symposium which drew attendance of 310. The venue changed to the Tampa Bay Convention Center to allow for growth. Other milestones included the formation of the membership campaign program, the beginning of the corporate Ambassador program and the development of the Corporate Outreach program with the first presentation at JPMorganChase. Two chapter officers interviewed and appeared in PMI Network and PMI 2008 Leadership PMI publications (Diane White, PMP, and Adam Hsu, PMP). Membership in 2007 was 1202 with 709 PMPs.

2008 continued strong programs with the fourth annual Symposium breaking attendance records. Other chapter milestones included participating in the pilot strategic management program with PMI Global Operations which strengthened our chapter’s vision and strategic goals and objectives. In addition, the first annual awards gala formally recognized outstanding volunteers, project managers, companies and sponsor partners. Membership was 1219 and over 300 companies are represented!

PMITB is proud to continue the tradition envisioned by the founding members by providing quality programs and services that advance the project management profession and its practices.

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