PMI Tampa Bay Chapter

Speaker's Bureau


PMI Tampa Bay Florida Chapter Speaker's Bureau is a resource listing provided to help Specific Interest Groups, Colleges and other PMI's Chapters to identify speakers/presenters for knowledge sharing and educational activities. The objective of this group is to identify a pool of quality presenters who would speak on various issues like strategies for effectively managing projects/teams, best practices, troubleshooting techniques, planning for PMP certifications etc. These activities can vary from professional development days to webinars, seminars and dinner meetings. The actual bureau listing is provided exclusively to PMI's Component Organizations, and is not shared with the general PMI membership, corporations or other parties. However, speaking engagements relating to project management and the PMI organization by speakers on the resource listing is welcomed at PMI Components, Businesses, Networking Groups, High Schools/Community, and Higher Learning Institutions. Participation in the Speaker's Bureau is limited to presenters who are willing to speak at Component and Community events on a pro bono basis.

The benefits to the speakers are considerable and are listed below:

  • By participating in this program, you will help strengthen the project management community
  • Develop and enhance personal public presentation skills
  • Earn up to five (5) Professional Development Units (PDUs) for speaking at one of these or other Component events
  • Demonstrate support for PMI chapters, Specific Interest Groups and colleges
  • Broaden your professional network

 Potential Speakers

The potential speakers for PMI Tampa Bay Florida Chapter are required to provide the following information:

  • Complete contact information with PMI and other references to validate the speakers speaking skills
  • PMI being a non-profit organization, speakers must be willing to speak on a pro bono basis with the exception of any travel related expenses
  • PMI Atlanta is restricted in distribution of official representatives of PMI's component organizations and will not be provided for use by PMI membership and other parties
  •  Speakers must consistently verify their contact information periodically to the associated PMI Director

 To Become A Speaker in the Bureau  follow these simple steps:

Contact Information

VP of Programs